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Thompson cigars

Thompson cigars is one of the most famous cigar retailer in the US, but it was not always like this, Thompson cigar started out small in 1915. Their edge? They would offer their cigars through conventional mail. I know what you're thinking, what's so big about that? In those days, it was a groundbreaking concept that was well received. The results were cigars being shipped every day.

Thompson cigars grew with this boost to unsuspected heights. With ability and a keen business sense the company blossomed and survived the depression days.

Thompson cigars was giving the public the widest variety of cigar choices available anywhere, big cigars, fat cigars, small cigars, cheep cigars. If you were a cigar smoker, you knew you would find what you were looking for in Thompson cigars.

Thompson cigars went one step further, they gave their clients something they would not find anywhere else. The company started to produce their own label of cigars. People soon found out the great news, the same high quality of brand cigars but with incredible low prices, needless to say, cigars smokers were thrilled and Thompson cigars discovered they had yet another hit on their hands.

Customer satisfaction makes Thomson cigars stand out from the crowd. A concept constantly mentioned, but seldom taken into practice. The cigar business must be one of the hardest to cater, as there are so many brands, tastes, prices, sizes, styles etc. that the person who knows all the brands and tastes must be a true genius. What did Thompson cigars do when their customers started to ask for help? It could be perfectly valid if they simply answered with the truth "hey, we don't know all the brands, want to know if it's good? Buy it and try it out!." But what they actually did was to give the most comprehensive training to their personnel, a cigar training school if you wish, that produced well informed and knowledgeable individuals. Even today they are well versed in the industry and are expert guides for any cigar smokers that seeks their help. They will ask what kind of smoker you are, and will advise in a number of brands that besides being what you were looking for have great discounts!

Their impressive humidor (the largest in America), provides the security to their customers about two things; first, that the cigar they decide to buy, even if it's a strange brand produced in Venus, they will have it on stock. Also, this humidor keeps cigars in top conditions so when consumers unravel Thompson cigars, they will discover a soft, oily cigar that will provide a marvelous smoking experience, making it even better than when it arrived, as aging helps the overall flavor of the cigar.

If you are just starting out in the great world of cigar smoking, let yourself be taken by Thompson cigars.




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